Please remember to get in touch with us before you start the assignments.
Please send your finished work to with any comments you may have, your consent form (see below) and the name you wish to be entered in the credits.

Create a warehouse for Montera.
It is supposed to take the place of Ford’s hut, which is the small house on the right side after entering through the city gate. It’s important to fit exactly on that spot and that no changes in navigation should be necessary (the road between this building and the pub is not very wide either). Therefore the floor plan, walls, and entrance should match the previous building. Compared to the previous building (the standard house mesh for Myrtana) the new one should look more like a warehouse. There should also be a second floor and a cellar. The stairs shouldn’t be on the outside, like the usually are in Gothic 3, but they should be on the inside. The building should not grow in width, only up and down.

Create a longhair mesh for NPCs.
The hair should hang down loosely on both sides of the head, maybe have a small fringe, and also fall irregularly on the back. They should not be longer than shoulder length, so they wohn’t disappear in the armor. A former team member has already made such hairs before, unfortunately, the mesh is not available to us, but here is a picture of his work, which was very popular internally: download/file.php?id=572&mode=view You don’t necessarily have to copy these hairs, but you are welcome to use them as an inspiration.

Straw hat
For the countrymen, we would like to have a simple straw hat.

Shadow Sceptre
In the original Gothic 3, the Shadow Sceptre is visually only a “package” in the world. In the CSP the Shadow Sceptre is actually needed. We are looking for a 3D model based on the original icon:

Demon Sword
We are looking for a hellish demon sword. The range should be fit the original game’s demon sword. It should be simple, but also have an infernal and demonic appearance e.g. volcanic cinders. Reference design: Path of Exile.