4. The Merchants of the Realm V

- 12:01 am

Geldern is home to so many merchants that we are introducing five more from Geldern exclusively to you in this door. 

Master turner Friedbert is currently more concerned with table and chair legs, but he also has a few battle staffs in stock. Novices who need fighting staffs have not existed since the reign of the orcs. 
Gernot is a journeyman in the alchemists’ guild. His range of alchemical ingredients and recipes is overwhelming. 
Most of master locksmith and artisan blacksmith Jorwick’s skills are of little use to the hero. But the offered lockpicks help to open one chest or another. 
Tailor Karlton offers exclusive garments. Special orders are also possible.
Mirzo has two mainstays: Goods from his homeland and artefacts.