19. Q&A concerning the presentation held at the modders’ gathering

- 12:01 am

After Robespier’s presentation we received some questions we’d like to answer today:

Question: Is it possible for the companions to attack enemies on sight automatically instead of waiting for the player to attack or being attacked themselves?

Answer: Yes, it is. We’ve already shown this in one of our advent calendars. Our technician George modified a dll Now the companions attack enemies on sight whether they’re following the hero or vice versa.

New information concerning El Bastardo:

In the original game, it’s just a good sword without any relevance to the story. You can simply by a recipe in Nordmar and craft the weapon. In the CSP it’s part of the story. You’ll get a quest to gather the lost pieces and reforge the sword.

Question: Is the micro bugging gone? For example when you wander the landscape and the world is loaded?

Answer: We almost reduced it to zero. A little bit is still there but we managed to shorten the loading times significantly.

New information concerning the Trelis’ temple: In the 3rd chapter, the temple will still be locked and it will open at the beginning of chapter 4. Kamak the shaman is no longer inside the temple but is studying outside. There are many slaves and servants from the farms nearby working in the ruins. The orcs haven’t found any keys yet and are still digging for them.

Question: How many chapters will exist in the CSP?

Answer: As in the predecessors, there will be six chapters.

Question: Will there be any voice output?

Answer: A professional voice output is not planned at the moment. We managed to get some professional speakers to do some small dialogues for us, e.g. some of the original training dialogues We use a text-to-speech-software for internal purposes. It will be optional to install this audio output. Also, we recut some of the training dialogues from the original audio files.

Question: Will there only be a German text-to-speech audio output, or other languages as well?

Answer: The Mod is developed in German. So currently all the texts are in German. We plan to realise translations to other languages such as English, Polish and Italian with partners. For the Russian version, we already have a native speaker, who’s translating some texts from time to time. So German and Russian will be available first.

Question: Will there be more consequences in the game?

Answer: Many of the hero’s actions now have consequences. For example, there’s the quest: “conflicts in the guild”. At the same time, Vikko has a counter-quest “dirty competition”. You have to choose to help a defenceless woman coming to peace with the guilds and to convince all of the master craftsmen, which is a very long series of quests, or you can help Vikko to get rid of Isabella and chase her away from Geldern.In Gothic 1 there used to be a royal guard armour. Did you manage to fit it in somewhere?

Answer: Yes, we did. You’ll meet some of the members of the royal guard, even some honour guards. The first one can be met alongside the rangers in the first chapter, and he’s wearing this very armour.

Question: If I want to play as an assassin, should I specialize in agility?

Answer: Yes. We do have more variations concerning the onehanded and twohanded swords, so they will need different amounts of agility to use.

Question: Did you change something concerning the fighting system?

Answer: We rely completely on the alternative balancing. Concerning the melee combat, we did change something. There will be no more spam attacks by wild animals. This was fixed by the last CP and we enhanced it even more.

Question: How did you technically manage to implement some of the Risen features?

Answer: Just like we did with the new inventor categories – by modding the GUI and dll files.

New Information concerning the story:

• The goblets of fire quest will be completely different. And you will be searching for the artefacts od Adanos in the late fifth chapter

• You’ll be playing a neutral hero until the end of the 3rd chapter, who has to choose a side at the end of the chapter after finding all 12 goblets. Also, the original quests are not all available at the beginning but will be spread across the story.

• To get to 75 honour points you will have to follow the story also.Additional new information:• The armour and artefacts section of the inventory are available via quick slots.

• The enemies will attack you if you wear the armour of an opposing faction and they are not already friends of you (green name).

• There will be a cathouse in Geldern.

• You can buy a blueprint for lockpicks at master Jorwick in Geldern. Then you will be able to build them by yourself using a forge.

• The slave Mirzo will use a fan to rescue his master from the heat.

• You will have to specialize yourself in the CSP. IN the 2nd chapter you will have to choose a way in the monastery – either fighter or mage. Depending on your choice there will be different quests and skills to learn. You can’t learn all the perks, but only those of your chosen profession.

• We added an option so that unnoticed doings will have no consequences like it used to be in Gothic 1 and 2. As an alternative, you can use a thief’s skill to talk you out of the accusations if your cunning level is high enough.

• Some of the teleport stones were placed with regards to the story. So, for example, you will get the Stone for Geldern during the main quest.• We implemented the lock picking system from Risen 1. We got that idea from the Update pack by zandr.