11. The merchants of the realm Part III

- 12:01 am

In the last year, we already introduced some of the merchants of the realm to you. Due to the limited space, we had to withhold some of the exciting persons and offers from you. This needs to change immediately, of course! 

Agathe from Ardea is a classic herb woman and she’s an absolute expert on simple potions. She had some contact with the mysterious druids in the past. 

Bernado of Braga is a typical general dealer. Some simple weapons, a nice ring, some provisions, potions, torches and much more is available at his store. Even the musically gifted will be pleased. 

Faruk from Ben Erai holds the monopoly on food products in his town. Everyone who plans to survive needs to fill his pockets inevitably. 

Hamza is hoping for some big profits from his goods which are imported straight from Varant. 

Warren is the innkeeper of the “strong arm” in Geldern. His speciality is ham from Geldern. Hmmm…… yummy.