08. A bug’s death

- 12:01 am

For many years the Bugfixing is a part of the CSP, just like the story writing and the implementation of new quests by our scripters. We want to show you three quite interesting examples today.

Entrapped NPCs

There was an area in the ancient ruins your companions couldn’t find an exit from. This was caused by some NegCircles of debris placed in the room under the ruins. By removing this debris the bug was solved.

Holes in the temple

Near the temple in Trelis there used to be holes in the game world. In the CSP this spot is covered by a rock, so you can no longer take a peek in the underworld.

Oblivious gatekeeper

Just seconds ago, our hero obtained permission to enter the building from Vak the gatekeeper during the conversation. Now Vak seems to have forgotten all about that. The Ork’s memory is now fixed and works like intended. The positive outcome for our hero: He now really can enter the building.