23. Propaganda Black Magician

- 12:01 am

Don’t be afraid, stranger. I know that my looks are frightening for many people around here. But who could blame them? I’m the first real servant of Beliar they see in their life. And the common people know nothing about the priests of the dark god. For centuries we’ve been hiding from the world and imparted our traditions secretly because the realm’s church of Innos with it’s vain fire mages and fanatic paladins wouldn’t allow anything else. They forced us into the underground and made mischief. They feed their pious followers with lies and superstition about Beliar’s servants. This is the only reason I can think of, why they sincerely believe that the Orcs could be Beliar’s servants, that they would prepare the world’s end in the name of my god. Please don’t be offended by the fact that such nonsense makes me laugh. I can’t tell you exactly who it is, the Orcs worship, their shamans would be the ones to answer this, but it is not Beliar. What about the assassins in Varant? Well, now you are causing me some headache. In fact, I’m on my way to Varant right now. I think that the assassins worship the gold much more than their lord, the god of death. I’m sure they have a thousand and more reasons, why their doing is in the best interest of Beliar. But I’m sure, you look through these lies, as do I.

I’ll give them that: The black mages have a far better life in the desert than we have here. Even though they have to obey Zuben, they have a big influence on the things down there in Varant. The fate of the assassins and the fate of the black mages are fused. That is why they preserve the ancient knowledge about our spells far better than we ever could in secrecy. That is all the good things I can tell you about them. Those who lie in the dust with the snakes degrade themselves, even if they profit from them. Why am I going to Varant nonetheless? There is a sanctuary of my god that is maintained by the black mages and the assassins. My travel is a pilgrimage that I want to use to make up my mind about the destiny of my order.

  • Luzius, the black mage from the midlands on the road south
Luzius, the black mage from the midlands on the road south

These are bad times we have to experience. Orcs are desecrating our holy temples. Their godless mercenaries are beating righteous believers into the mines. Assassins roam the cities freely and estimate the amount of gold they’d get for the free people on the slave market. But worst of all are the black mages creeping out of their hideouts. Do you have seen him? He visits the tavern in the evenings capped and gowned as if that would be normal. But the sad thing is, today it really may be normal. In the past, we would’ve set up a trial for him making no bones about it. I know this used to be different in the south. But here, in the heart of the realm, we used to be safe after the crusade which liquidated all of those sinners. Yes, there were some renegades inside my order. Scholars so blinded by their ambitions that they lost the right way – like this Xardas! Those who were caught engaging with Beliar’s powers beyond the point that was tolerable were dealt with. The same thing happened to those impertinent alchemists or those herb women from the biggest cities to the smallest rat-infested den of thieves out in the wilderness. The reach of our inquisition used to be without constraints.

And now? Everything is in vain. Maybe things would be different if we had acted more valiantly. Now we’re already used to the sight of this sinners. Whether you’re here or in Varant, do not let yourself be deceived by those black mages. Stick to common sense and think about what it could be that incites them. What is the aim of one conjuring some uncontrollable demons? Can someone who doesn’t think of undead as disgusting be of keen mind? Is it even remotely possible, that someone who worships the god of death and chaos is a good man at heart? The answer to this question leaves only one clear consequence.

  • Marius, the fire mage in Geldern
Marius, the fire mage in Geldern