9. Bugs must die

- 12:01 am

Bugfixing is still one of the top priorities for the CSP. Every year many bugs are fixed by our developers. Here are three strange examples:

You’ve been shot near the temple but there are no enemies visible? Then you’ve been shot through the closed gates.

Great wealth by looting tombs multiple times after reloading? Not in the CSP. This bug was fixed and for those of you asking themselves how this could’ve been don here is the technical explanation out of our internal forum:

In the original game, the anchors are only in the.Irentdats. While saving and loading only entities in .lrendats (eCDynamicEntity) are included.

Otherwise entities in .nodes (eCSpatialEntity) are only included if their respective .node or the .lrgeodat (eCGeometrySpatialContext ) are marked as HybridContext.

But even in those cases, only their gCInteraction_PS ProeprtySet is saved only if the entity is an interactive object that grants a one time bonus. Anchors have a state that should end up in the save game, namely who’s currently using them. So you should move all entities who have a state that should persist in the save game to a .Irendat.

So, by moving the tombs from .node to .Irendat that bug was solved.

Not a real bug but a positive change to the game world is the replacement of fish and gold in Nordmar. Those really have no reason to be there but could be found in bulk in the houses there. Now, in proper style, in the CSP you can find meat and ore there instead.