7. The Silent One

- 12:01 am

What a fight! But finally Ardea is a free city again and the rebels of Reddock know about my heroic acts. Now it’s time for a pint of ale in the “Black Corsair”, Ardea’s tavern. Funny, this peon doesn’t say a word, no matter what I ask him.  

Finally, I’ve reached Montera, one of the bigger cities. Honour and wealth are waiting for me. I’m curious what Vardo, the landlord of the “Angry Boar”, can tell me about the surroundings. Well, this face seems familiar… Still only silence.  

Faring! There’s the pass into cold Nordmar. The tavern of the “Hungry Shadowbeast” seems good for me. Let’s see what Flint, the landlord, is able to tell me. But what the hell is this guy doing here again? And again only silence. I think something is wrong with this, this guy seems to follow me like my own shadow.  

Spoiler: “… to be continued (in the final version)”.