True Treasures

- 12:00 am

Gothic III – You open a chest …

– Why do I find raw steel in this kitchen?
– Shit, another amulet of ice protection! I already own five.
– A fisherman with a chest full of spells. Interesting!
– A raided wagon. Why did the robbers leave all the treasures behind?
– Why’s an alchemist so expensive? He’s just cooking with water and carrots.
– Fire arrows, bread and a torch. Are these the secret ingredients of a smith?

Alright, alright, we want to be fair. Sometimes the random content of a chest is fitting its surroundings.


CSP – You open a chest …

– Mmmmmh, delicious food in this kitchen.
– Special loot like artifacts won’t be given to you by random chance.
– Great catch!
– The robbers didn’t leave one single item. Great job!
– The alchemist seems to be really busy!
– I can get a new blade from that ore at smith’s.

Chest content is fitting the surrounding areas. You’ll find poor chest with no items at all as well as huge treasures.