Tools of the CSP – Part 2

- 12:00 am

To master a big project like the CSP, you need a lot of tools. We’d like to show you the tools we use. As there are so many of them we’ll split this in two. You can find the second part below, the first one was behind door 16.


The tool ConvertXIMG is used to convert the Gothic3 texture files .ximg in .tga graphic files.




The mod kit of Gothic3, the Genome Lite Edition, is used for modifying shaders and the GUI. 





We are also able to add text to speech if wanted:

The control files are created by G3IQ, which deletes those parts that aren’t spoken out loudly e.g. “(angry)” and adds the proper control commands. The text to speech software transforms the text lines to .wav files. These can be converted to .ogg and .xlip files later on.





The video recording in Gothic3 uses Open Broadcaster Software (, which is easy to use and sufficiently flexible concerning the usable codecs.




Prior to the recording, the whole area is explored very thoroughly to find the best spots and angles. Also varying day times and lighting conditions can be tried. After that, the recording starts.  





For cutting and putting the single parts in a reasonable und interesting order as well as adding texts and shifts we use Premiere Pro.





To give the videos the last zing we add some intros and outros. If there are any animations in them we use After Effects and Photoshop. The second one is also used for creating graphics and designs for our website and Facebook page.





3d models are among the most difficult things we do in the CSP. In this case, we use Blender. In the following example, we show you a fountain and how such a model can change. 







Last but not least to get the content on our website we use a content management system (CMS), in our case WordPress with various plugins.