Lost And Found

- 12:00 am

In the depths of the Gothic 3 Code are some treasures waiting to be discovered. Those treasures are objects that weren’t used in the original game. We’ve discovered some of them.


A diverse vegetation supports a consistent world enormously. This thorns weren’t used in the original game. Let’s hope we’ve got a greener thumb than Piranha Bytes.


Did Piranha Bytes hide this wonderful golden tray in the code to protect it from thieves? We prefer showing it off in our Advent Calendar. In Gothic 3 a similar tray made from copper was used.


There are many carpets in Gothic 3 and many of them are hung up. So it’s really strange that there isn’t even one empty stand. In the code we a variant without any carpets on it.





The guy on this screenshot doesn’t really look vivid. A worn shield fits him perfectly. This shield wasn’t used by Piranha Bytes either. There’s a big and a small variant.