WoG Update #2

- 9:50 am

Time is going by pretty quickly and in discussions with our community we’ve disclosed some more details about the CSP. Today we present you some of the news from our Thread at World of Gothic. Be aware that this is a not complete collection by us.


Didn’t you tell us some time ago that 50 percent of the game were already finshed??

TrueCore: It’s possible that someone made such an estimate. Personally I think it’s difficult to put a number on it because there‘s work done all over the project at different parts at the same time. However, I would use the term “the biggest part is done“ when round about 80% are done. But basically the number isn’t important at all. We just don’t want anyone having false hopes about a release any time soon.


Will the transformation magic be improved and will it be possible to play through the game as a druid?

Jünger des Xardas: Well, we’ll try to do this. But much more than strengthening the monsters you can transform into won’t be possible. It won’t be possible to join the druids as such, but of course you can try to finish the game using their magic. If this will be successful? That depends on you.


Are you able to mod the spells as such? 

Jünger des Xardas: It should be possible to change the colour or the sound of a spell. But we don’t plan to do this.


Have you changed the spells for the paladins? It’s quite unbelievable that they start throwing fireballs after getting the fire chalices. 

Jünger des Xardas: We also changed the magical behaviour of the paladins. As you might recall even worse was that they sometimes used ice lances.


Will the wise women only speak in riddles or will it be possible to speak with the Ancestors directly through her

Jünger des Xardas: She will mostly speak in riddles. You won’t talk to the ancestors directly but rituals will play a role.


Will you meet Evert in the game as a guide to Nordmar? 

Jünger des Xardas: Yes. Evert will be sitting at the place Rathgar used to sit in the original game and will guide you to the Wolf’s Clan. Also it’s our goal to implement more guides from location to location as you know them from Gothic 1. I already used some of his dialog lines (in the short story about Evert in the advent calendar).


What I always wanted to know: Will you integrate the Orc mod in the CSP? I think that the Orcs looked better than the ones from Gothic 3. Will there be an option in the installer where you can choose between the two styles? 

Jünger des Xardas: The CSP is no accumulative mod. It isn’t our goal to take as much as possible from other mods because it is somewhat “cool”. It is about telling a story. We’ll integrate what will help us telling it, and that will be integrated without too many options in the installer. Everyone is free to mod the CSP at a later point of time. If this makes sense is not for us to judge, but we won’t hinder anyone.


What is the minimal number of enemies that need to be killed to end Gothic 3? I think of the demon of Gotha and Akasha, maybe one undead high priest and, if you follow the Beliar ending, the orcish captains, Zuben and Xardas. How is it in the CSP? Will a „pacifism run“ be possible?

Jünger des Xardas: Often you’ll have the choice between a more and a less peaceful way, or to ignore a quest completely. Nonetheless there will be quite some slaughtering. Gothic has never been a pacifistic game. If you remember the first Gothic you had to free the free mine and kill Kalom’s supporters in the Sleeper’s temple. In this tradition you won’t be able to finish our mod without any killing.


The final way of the game points towards Xardas. Will there also be some expansion to the story and the quests for the last task except for killing Rhobar and Zuben?

Jünger des Xardas: The CSP won’t end half an hour before the ending of the game and leave it to the original game. In comparison this would make an even worse impression. I can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t imagine the CSP as a big quest package.


Will there be some revivals of objects from the predecessors and will they play an important role?

Jünger des Xardas: Yes there will be some more or less important objects from Gothic 2 (Gothic 1 wouldn’t make much sense because these objects were lost with the temple of the sleeper).


What will you do after the CSP’s release? 

TrueCore: This is a question that everyone has to answer for himself. But I don’t think we’ll have to answer this question in the near future. Personally, I’ll be in charge of our communication after the release, because the interest in our project hopefully won’t end on the release day.

Robespier: Some of us will take care of the community, others will correct errors and bugs. I personally will play the Mod at least six times.


Is it possible to support you financially? 

Jünger des Xardas: I can only speak for myself, but even if I got some money I wouldn’t stop studying and therefore I wouldn’t have more time. Additionally it isn’t possible to make money with mod projects due to license issues. Also even if it were possible, we wouldn’t do it.

TrueCore: Like Jünger already said it’s not possible to make money with a modding license. Additionally that’s not our goal. We are a project from the centre of the community and for this community we are doing this project. This is why the CSP will definitely be free of charge. Also we don’t have the structures for a Kickstarter campaign or for taking donations. Your interest in our project is the best support you can give to us.


Most of the herbs in Gothic 3 are quite big and hard to miss. Also they look quite different from the same plants in Gothic 2. Will you change this and is that even possible? 

Jünger des Xardas: There won’t be much change here. Maybe we’ll overhaul the textures together with the world textures, but that will be it. New meshes would be possible in theory but again the small additional benefit wouldn’t stand for the work load. After all we only have one 3D graphic artist, and he’s quite busy with the weapons. I’m sorry I have to disappoint you.

HintYou’re an experienced 3D graphic artist and would like to work on the CSP? Send your application to gothic3csp@googlemail.com


The rebels in Gothic 3 are always short on weapons and need bundles of them. Wouldn’t it possible for the people from Nordmar to supply the rebels with those? As the Orcs are a common enemy to both of them they surely would work together. In general I would like it if there were more connections between Nordmar and Myrtana.

Jünger des Xardas: In fact, Anog’s camp is the only way the Rebels could enter Nordmar and even there are some Orcs. Additionally the people from Nordmar have their own problems and due to the occupation of the forge also have a lack of weapons. Furthermore they are enemies of the Orcs but they don’t like the people from Myrtana either, after all they occupied the forge before the Orcs.

In general, connections between the settlements and the countries are very important to us, so there will be more than in the original game, and even more than in Gothic 1 and 2. This will vary from direct quest connections to some trivial comments in some dialogs that someone’s cousin works in this or that city etc. Nordmar will be the most, but not completely, isolated region. This is because we are trying to underline the character of the people from Nordmar as some peculiar barbarians that don’t care a lot about the rest of the world.


Will there be small achievements? For example 100 killed goblins = +1 hunting?
Is it possible and sensible that the hero gets small bonuses while getting more experienced in hunting? 

Jünger des Xardas: We’re no fans of too many achievements, but a little learning by doing will be there.


Will the oddly placed dragons and gargoyles be part of the story? 

Jünger des Xardas: There definitely will be something about the dragons. Concerning the gargoyles there isn’t planned much at the moment, but many of the ruins they live in will get a background story.


In Gothic 3 there are many chests. In the predecessors they were quite noteworthy while you can find one in Gothic 3 on every corner. Also most of the time the content isn’t very good. Will you change anything concerning this problems? 

Jünger des Xardas: Quite some time ago we’ve catalogued all of the chests and we want to change the whole chest system. We will implement new, more reasonable and adjusted to the environment contents, that aren’t just randomly generated. We’ll also remove some chests. So all in all you don’t need to worry, we are already on this topic.


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