Release: CSP Easter-Mod 2015

- 5:00 am

Mysterious nests all around Ardea, a big scary animal that hops around and no more fish anywhere around. What will happen next? Become a part of this year’s Easter special and get your very own impression of the CSP by playing. You can play an egg hunt and earn the exclusive quest: “Fresh fish”. The only thing you need is an installed version of Gothic 3 and our mod. The download is available on World of Gothic. We hope this mod will sweeten your Easter holidays and will boost your anticipation for the CSP. A big “Thank you” to the teams of Gothic UP and Gothic Italia for the translations of the Polish and Italian versions. Have fun playing and happy easter holidays from the whole Community Story Team.

Download of the CSP Easter-Mod 2015 from World of Gothic

Disclaimer: This is a mod for Gothic 3 that includes none of the elements of the CSP besides the reward quest. With the textures, weapons, armors and an edited balancing many elements of the final project are missing.