[Update] Door #24 one is open!

- 12:32 am

The Christmas Markets are open, the rush on the shops has begun and even our Advent Calendar 2014 is starting. Don’t worry if your screens stays wait, loading may take a few seconds. Your feedback is welcome here in the comments as well as in our thread (Englisch and German) on worldofgothic.de, Facebook and in the comments on YouTube.


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The CSP wishes all of its fans merry Christmas!

Update 24: Today is the day. We open the final door of this years Advent Calendar. Advent Calendar 2014

Update 23: Once again we’re heading to the far north. Advent Calendar 2014

Update 22: In Montera live some impressive characters. Advent Calendar 2014

Update 21: We’ve placed a little premier in door #21. Advent Calendar 2014 (German Version is different)

Update 20: Who finds everything? Advent Calendar 2014

Update 19: Today we’ve got a small download for you in our Advent Calendar.

Update 18.1: We’ve added some screenshots that represent our new possibility in a better way.
Update 18: Another new possibility to create atmosphere. Advent Calendar.

Update 17: No eye-patch, but nonetheless a pirate. Advent Calendar

Update 16: Kap Dun awakens in our Advent Calendar.

Update 15: Even Varant doesn’t eat air anymore. Advent Calendar

Update 14: Does your feedback matter? Find it out today in our Advent Calendar using the example of the Paladin Sword. Advent Calendar

Update 13: Dead or alive? Advent Calendar

Update 12: Even more CSP! Advent Calendar

Update 11: Plissken!

Update 10: Today it’s getting shady.

Update 9: Today we’ve got another download for you.

Update 8: How does different lighting change armors? Find it out in our Advent Calendar.

Update 7: What is it like to live in the north? We found it out for you!

Update 6: Today we’ve got something very special for you. We reveal who the person is you saw on our teaser screenshot. Find it out now!

Update 5: Many of you have asked for it. Now we give it to you in our Advent Calendar. Show your support for the CSP!

Update 4: How is new armor created? Find it out in our Advent Calendar!

Update 3: An old acquaintance awaits you today. Advent Calendar

Update 2: In door #2 awaits you great smith’s art. Discover it now!

Update 1: What’s hiding behind door #1? Find out here!



For our Polish fans :
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