Christmas Eve

- 1:50 pm

We are not able to create completely new spells; however we found two of them hidden deep in the files of Gothic 3 which were made by PB, however never accessible for the player. Since both seem to work flawlessly, we decided to use them.

The first one is a sprint spell, allowing the Hero to run for a short time.

The second one is well suited for a warrior mage since it briefly stops the stamina drainage in close combat.

Also, have this PDF-file as a little bonus, it contains all short stories the CSP published. Whoever wants to reread them is now able to do so. We want to thank the WoG-member alibombali who collected them.
Short stories from the CST

The CST hopes that we were able to give you some delight even without having 24 doors and wishs you all merry Christmas and happy holidays.