Third Sunday of Advent

- 1:48 pm

Nomads – as the name already implies – do not have a permanent dwelling place and move around. However, the Nomads in Gothic 3 were disappointing in this regard. In fact, they aren’t more nomadic than, say, the Rangers or Bandits. Though the engine doesn’t allow random NPC-Movements nor bigger migrations, we wanted to add a little bit more dynamic to the world and convey to the player that the Nomads indeed do change their location from time to time nonetheless.

Today we want to present to you the new camp of the Beni Tefik, the clan of Nefarius (which grew, compared to the original game, in size). After the oasis at their old place run dry, the head of the clan, Tefik, leads his people to a new oasis, so they break their old camp and raise a new one in the desert sand. And, as we are used to, whenever something finally happens in Gothic, the hero is far from not being involved in it…