Second Sunday of Advent

- 1:01 am

If you remember our previous calendar, you’ll remember that we created several new face textures for the Northmarians in order to give them a unique character and to better distinguish the difference between their culture and the myrtanian one.

Now we did the same for the inhabitants of Varant. We wanted Hashassins and Nomads both to stand out compared to the people living in the north in order to create a versatile and more believable world and to stress the differences between their climates and culture area.In the case of the inhabitants of the desert these aren`t red or blond, braided hair, nor complex facial tattoos, but dark skin and hair. Since the Hashassin culture in the original game is already roughly based on the orient (or at least clichés of it), we tried to give them a slightly more Arabic look in order to differentiate them both from the Myrtanians but also from the black people from the Southern Islands.Here you can see some of the new face textures, made by our graphic department, which will be applied to the NPCs in Varant.