First Sunday of Advent

- 11:42 am

Once again, Christmas is near. Sadly, we have to disappoint those who anticipated the yearly advent calendar of the CST. There are two reasons for this:

Firstly, it is a great effort to come up with and create enough content for 24 doors, to write the descriptions and short stories, to translate them, to make the screenshots and videos and, last but not least, to publish them daily on our website. It is such an effort that in the previous years we started working on it as early as September or October. This year we decided to use the time and power for the project itself to be able to finish it some time.

Secondly, we don’t want to give away everything beforehead. There are many fascinating characters left who we could present you, Quest lines we could show and even a whole new side faction we could reveal. But we are not going to do all this, in order to leave enough for you to discover once you play the CSP yourself.

Because of this we ask for your understanding that the 24 doors will be missing this year.

However we don’t intend to let Christmas pass without giving something to the community. Therefore there will be one surprise as usual at least every Sunday in Advent and on Christmas Eve.

Besides we want to present you our first gift, which may already be anticipated by the ones who are attentively following our thread on the WoG: Our story writer HerrFenrisWolf attended this year’s meeting of the Gothic modding community and also presented our work, with a special focus on the bandits as a new side fraction. We don’t want to keep the presentation he made for this meeting from you.


CSP presentation