18th December 2012

- 4:43 am

As you already know and could see in door number 15, we are going to work on the women-shortage in Gothic 3. In door 2, we complained about the same faces being used over and over again. Obviously, if that annoyed us about the male characters, we found it to be even worse with the female ones, as these have even fewer faces. That was one of the reasons why we created the Nordmar-face-textures you got to see in door 14.

Quickly, we noticed another problem: it’s not just that the number of faces is extremely limited, but all of them are nearly the same age. But the world of Gothic 3 will not only be populated by young women, so we needed some grey hair and wrinkles.

Here you see some of our old women who also present the different peoples of Midland: one from Myrtana, one from Varant with a slightly darker skin, one from Nordmar with the characteristic tattoos and finally a really dark one who might come from the southern Isles.