15th December 2012

- 4:09 am

Speaking of women. Meet Bruna, owner Montera’s mill and the free farmstead.

She is the old miller’s widow, and while the orcs confiscated the other two farms to supply food for their troops, they left her the mill and the small neighbouring field. On that field, the last free citizens of Montera that were neither enslaved nor joined the mercenaries work for Bruna.

It’s a simple concept – she pays them money they can use to buy food – the food they grow themselves – from Gered, the town’s food trader. The orcs – well aware of the fact that, despite everything else, they are still easily outnumbered in Myrtana – try to keep the people of Montera content that way.

But, while everybody seems to profit from that system, their are not only those who admire Bruna as a noble benefactress, but also others, who feel they are being used.

That example shows how we are trying to give Myrtana a plausible infrastructure as well as introducing more women that are more than mere decoration and have something to say themselves. Nonetheless, it was important to us not to exaggerate that – after all the world of Gothic is one that is dominated by men.