3rd December 2012

- 12:09 am

Yesterday we showed you our new Nordmar-faces. Sadly, we aren’t able to equip every NPC with its very own face, as it would require too much time and effort. But we still wanted to prevent players from meeting the same NPC over and over again and asked ourselves how we could create much diversity without much effort. The answer was simple: hair.

Gothic 3 provides some hair- and beard-meshes that are surprisingly rarely used. We retextured these and will garnish some of the people of Nordmar with them. That way, we can easily create lots of individual faces by combining them with different beards.

Furthermore, we have the beards in three different colours (red, blond and brown) with furthers increases the variety.









Of course, there will still be NPCs that will look the same; but we hope we will be able to conceal that by combining the different faces with beards and hairstyles in different colours as well as variable armour and weapons.