Notice to Patch 1.75

- 1:56 pm

Version 1.75 of the Gothic 3 patch has been released on 24.04. The collaboration of the Community Patch Team, Mad Vulture Games and Nordic Games, Gothic 3’s new publisher, tackled many of the game’s problems.

“The CP 1.75 provides further Bugfixes, widescreen-support for the main menu, new graphics-settings (like Color Grading and FXAA) and a reduction of stutters by applying a Shader Cache.

Furthermore, the patch contains a small ModKit, the Gothic 3 Genome Lite Edition. It enables everyone to alter the game to a certain degree as well as adding new content. It also provides many new possibilities for modders. The new features and the ModKit are explained in an attached manual/guide.” (in accord with RoiDanton)

Many of the new options for Gothic 3 modding originated from our requests after certain features, and we are very grateful that they have been implemented. They make it easier for us to realize our plan, but they also enable us to alter aspects of the game we couldn’t have influenced without the new patch.

The next weeks will show whether and how we will use this ModKit. Not only is the tool quite extensive, meaning we will need time to discover and understand all it’s features, but we also already have several tools at our disposal that simplify our work.

Since we want to work with the new patch, it will be required to play the Community Story Project. Please note that Nordic Games’ retail version only contains version 1.75. Version 1.75.14 is a slightly updated version of this retail version and can only be downloaded. As we want to use the newest patch, our mod will be adjusted to this version.