23rd December 2011

- 12:01 am

Everybody remembers them: the six ancestors of Nordmar. But do we really remember them so well? Could we give all their names, like we remember the names of the four friend or of the ore barons? The ancestors in Gothic 3 were mostly enemies that had to be killed. Whatever had made them so important for the people of Nordmar, it isn’t mentioned in the game. We only know something about Akascha and Angir, and Ejnar’s death is already known. But that’s it. Such things are the issues of Gothic 3 we are trying to fix. So you will meet the old scald Urobe who can tell you the stories of the six ancestors. We want to presen one of them:

H: Tell me about Ejnar.

– Oh, you want to hear the story of the dragon-slayer?

– Ejnar was a warrior of the hammer-clan. In his days, a dragon called Nidhog was terrorizing our people. The beast lived atop the highest mountain in Nordmar.

– Many great warriors had been killed by the dragon, but Ejnar was brave enough to fight him. The already aged Angir forged an armor for him. The last masterpiece of that great smith.

– Ejnar climbed the mountain and had a fight with the dragon that would have been worthy of gods.

– Angir’s armor protected Ejnar from the claws, teeth and the breath of the dragon, until he finally pierced Nidhog’s black heart.

– Until this day we avoid the mountain of Nidhog. His bones still lie there, and his spirit is lurking.

– Ejnar was celebrated as our greatest hero. Many years later he was killed in a fight with a horde of orcs who had ambushed him.