16th December 2011

- 1:15 am

Today is the first time we are publishing a part of one of our dialogues which you will find in the game exactly like that. Apart from a small view on the structure of our story-documents which are implemented by our scripters, the following extract from a dialog with a new NPC in Kap Dun called Michel will show you, that we create connections to the prequels from time to time and that you will be hearing new things about the past of some old friends:

1.1 H: Your wife was murdered?
M: About fifteen years ago I hired a man named Bartholo as an accountant.
M: He did a good job and I could relaxed, but than this guy did…
H: Kill your wife?
M: Don’t you interrupt me, boy! No, he didn’t kill my wife.
H: Then who did?
M: Do you want to hear the story or not?

You have the following options:
1.1.1 H: Give it a bone, old man.
M: Ah, get lost! You arent’t better than all the mercenaries.
(The dialogue ends. If you try to talk to him again, he will just say “Can’t you just leave an old man in peace?”)

1.1.2 (Only this option lets you continue the dialouge.) H: Just tell it.
M: Well, this Bartholo worked for me for nearly a half decade, then he started cooking the books and siphoning of money.
M: He told me the king wouldn’t pay as much for the cider anymore as the treasury was nearly empty due to the war.
M: What other choice did I have than believing him?
H: And your wife?
M: She found out and told me eveything. I informed Morn, who immideatly caught that jackass and locked him up in Vengard.

H: And after that?
M: I don’t know, but one day a guy arrived here, I think he introduced himself as Cutter. The next morning, I awoke to see my wife with her throat cut open.
M: By Innos, I will never forget this sight.

H: And what does this Bartholo have to do with you wife’s death then?
M: Don’t you understand? He hired that murderer from his prison. It doesn’t take much to figure that out.
H: But you don’t have any proof.
M: I don’t need any! We never caught that Cutter, but I know he killed my wife.

H: Cutter and Bartholo are dead.
M: Damn, how do you know that, boy? I thought he had been thrown into the barrier.
H: The barrier was destroyed and most of the prisoners were killed.
H: But these two had already ceased to be when the barrier fell…
M: And why would YOU know that, boy?
M: How do I know this killer doesn’t stand on my doormat tomorrow, shooting my a quarrel between the eyes?
H: Believe my, they are dead.
H: And I can’t see any doormat here.
M: Very funny. If it weren’t for this assassin jerk, I’d still be living nicer then most of the other people around here.