11th December 2011

- 2:29 am

Once again we want to show you a text (this time even two whole books) you will find in the game. These are two books Lee wrote on Khorinis you will be receiving in the second chapter of the CSP. They mark the beginning of a long and difficult quest.

Baron Orrin of the plains
It’s not clear what his role is. He is definitely involved. It seems he covered some deliveries.

Kedestian, archmage of Geldern
Old Kedestian would probably rather have died than betraying the kingdom.

Margrave Heron of the Western March
Why should the margrave of Trelis sell weapons to Zuben? Lukkor’s attack on Trelis in the varantean war is still well remembered, and Heron would never have been stupid enough to trust Zuben’s promises.

Duke Ullrick of Montera
It’s hard to imagine Ulrick didn’t know anything, with his own son being so deeply engaged in the conspiracy. He always had Theodemir around him.

Usbald of Montera, cupbearer of the king
I think he always felt patronized by Ulrick. On the other hand, he was the only one who had a really close connection to Algas.

Algas of Montera, chamberlain of the king
Egoistical and big-headed. Rigaldo’s fake key witness in my trial. It would be interesting to talk to him.

Lord Hagen, Lord of Gotha
A tenacious but decent man. As he defended me and wanted to reprieve me proves his innocence.

Lord Argyar, Lord of Faring.
One of the brightest heads in the kingdom. He would rather have studied old tomes in his library than been at war. He disprized courtly schemes.

Duke Berengar of Tymoris
I would put anything past him to keep his power. But as I don’t know of any connection to the conspiracy and he was of little importance at Rhobar’s court, his role will have been minor.

Judge Ardarich of Trelis
No foe of simple climbers and a man of the people. A bureaucrat, but an honest guy. He probably didn’t care much for the intrigues of the court.

Baron Ardarich of Trelis
Close connection to his brother Heron. Would never have betrayed him. Furthermore, a bit too religious for a conspiracy since he joined the order.

Baron Theodemir of Montera
Probably the other main conspirer. He ensured the weapon deliveries to pass Myrtana without problems. He mentioned being accountable to someone in Vengard. He probably meant Rigaldo.