2nd December 2011

- 12:05 am

„The chronicle of Tymoris I” is the name of the book the content of which we are presenting you today. It’s the first of three books about the history of dukedom Tymoris we have written and allocated around the world. Who isn’t familiar with the name Tymoris should take a look at the deed of ownership of the mountain fortress you visit with Lester in Gothic I.

In the centuries after the great flood that destroyed the ancestors, our forefathers began to settle in the Green Lands, as the territory of Myrtana was called back then. The thick primeval forest was cut down, towns were founded and people started farming.

The people of that time were organized in tribes, which were lead by chieftains. Slowly these structures developed into modern principalities. One of the oldest among them was Tymoris at the east coast of Myrtana.

The dukedom quickly rose to power and fortune, thanks to the abundance of fish in its waters and the fertile soil, which enabled it to provide food for the whole country. For some time it may even have looked like the Duke of Tymoris should be the one, whose destiny it was to unite the country, because the small principality Vengard had little political and economical influence compared to Tymoris, which covered nearly a third of the Green Lands.

But still, it was the ruler of Vengard who was chosen by Innos and won the fights about domination in the Green Lands. Nevertheless, Tymoris played an important role in the newly founded kingdom of Myrtana.