Advent Calendar 2011

- 1:41 pm

Once again Christmas is coming. And once again we want to give you a present to this event.

After all the positive reactions to last years special, we decided to compose another Advent calendar that will present you a screenshot, a little story, a gobbet from the Mod or another impression of the CSP every day from 1. December until Christmas Eve. By doing so, we hope to sweeten the waiting time until Christmas and the release of our Mod  for you.

To prevent disappointment on Christmas Eve, we want to clarify one thing in advance: although we are making good progress, there still is a lot to be done. You wont find a download-link for the CSP behind the last door. Neither should you hope for a demo. We prepared 24 little goodies, and who expects an especially big one for the end, can only be let down.

Like last year we announce the calendar now to prevent you from getting jumped and maybe even missing the first door. But unlike in 2010, we are going to present our first screenshot today as a foretaste to the coming days. It is a picture of our pirate captain (whose name we are going to keep secret). We’re sure some of you will remember him as we already introduced him behind door 20 of last years calendar. Back then, this NPC was criticized a lot, especially his face, which was felt too soft for a pirate. We took that critique to heart and reworked the dear guy (please bear in mind that we can’t create new face-meshes, but just texturize given ones – we are limited in our possibilities). Of course, we don’t want to deprive you of the result.



Having said this we wish you a contemplative Christmas season and hope you will enjoy our Advent calendar.