The pilot leaves the ship

- 9:18 pm

The ending of an era for the CSP.

A few days ago our dear producer, teamleader and original member Impidimpi officially resigned from his post and also left the “Gothic 3 – Comunity Story Project” altogether.

There were a lot of different reasons for his decision. They derived from his real life and the new challenges he was confronted with by the ongoing time, which required his energy for other things than the CSP. A common problem with such long-term-projects as ours.
For three years he was part of a team that was not only created, but also affected by him. All this time he has been a reliable for all questions, someone we could always talk to.

His efforts contributed to our establishment as well as to our development and lead our project to where it is today. Wether it was about choosing members, giving out posts or just a call to get back to work again, Impi always kept the project running.
His pullout will leave a gap we won’t be able to fill easily. We don’t only loose our project leader, but also a dear co-worker.

With his parting, a time that brought a lot of change will end. A time we all associate with different things.

In this spirit we say goodbye to Impidimi, the pilot who always kept us on course.

“We wish you a lot of luck and success, where ever you go.”

Your co-worker HerrFenrisWolf and the whole CSP