Wanted: Experienced 2D landscape texture artists!

- 6:41 pm

Once again, we, meaning the Gothic 3 Community Story Project, are looking for assistance. This time, we’re lacking some skilled designers for one of our subprojects: the overhaul of every single world texture in Gothic 3. Since our former texture artist had to leave, we have been making close to no progress during the past weeks. Therefore, we have decided to form a new team of several experts dedicated to retexturing the ingame world. This work can and should build on the existing textures we have created.

By now, the texturing of Myrtana is almost complete. However, we desperately need to create some new Level of Detail (low-poly) textures. Of course, every new member is welcome to bring his own ideas and creativity. In the end, we would like to see all of Varant, and perhaps even the mountains of Northmar, retextured. Not to mention the existing textures, which are always open for improvement.
The goal of this particular subproject is to give Gothic 3 a considerably darker and damper atmosphere and adjust the look and feel to appear more like its two predecessors. So that’s the way we would like new textures to look if possible – the higher the resolution, the better.

Please submit your applications to the following address: gothic3csp@googlemail.com

Applications should contain:
– a short introduction consisting of name, age and profession. Don’t worry, all data will be treated strictly confidential.
– a listing of your experiences and competences concerning graphics and texture creation and editing.
– some of your own work (either textures or icons). If possible, they should meet the requirements given above; but if that isn’t possible, we won’t be too strict